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08 March 2016

Octopus casserole cooked in wine
Do not salt the octopus. Always add the citrus scraping at the end so as to keep its aroma.


08 March 2016

Seafood risotto
Absolutely delicious

25 February 2016

Lobster with linguine
Parmesan may be replaced by bread crumb and various aromatic plants, like basil and dill.

13 July 2015

Dentex fillet, with season vegetable
You may use fresh Vlachos? instead of dentex
Do not forget that the fish needs only a little time to cook


21 January 2013

Steaming hot mussels in white wine and fresh cream
Make sure that the mussels are closed and fresh. Pull out the “beards” and wash them well with cold water.

10 January 2013

Squid stuffed with vegetables and feta, artichoke puree and tomato sauce
Wash the squids and season them with salt and pepper. 

09 January 2013

Lobster with champagne sauce and chickpea puree

05 January 2013

Sea bass /Sea bream on charcoal
Salt the fish and oil them with a brush before putting them over the charcoal. Do not put lemon before grilling them.

01 January 2013

Sea bass in the oven with tomatoes and black olives
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