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08 March 2016

Benefits of eating fish
Fish is high on the Pyramid of Healthy Eating. It is recommended to eat fish 2-3 times a week. Various studies prove the beneficial effects of eating fish on human health.

08 March 2016

Tips on choosing fresh fish
Knowing how to choose fresh fish or seafood is a vital skill for a seafood cook. Unless you caught the fish yourself, you really have no way of knowing exactly how fresh it is.

08 March 2016

Nutrition Analysis for Sea bass and Sea bream
European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and gilthead sea bream(Sparus aurata) are amongst the most important finfish speciescultured in the Mediterranean region.

16 January 2013

Lobsters are fished by independent professional fishermen, mainly in the northeastern coast of the Atlantic (FAO 21) in Canada and in America.

03 January 2013

How to distinguish kinds of fish
Grouper from Stira? :The grouper has a light ashen colour and oblong body.Stira? has green patches on its body.

02 January 2013

Mussels and other shell-fish
Mussels are put in a refrigerator at 6-8º. If they are not to be cooked immediately, with a view to prolonging their life we pack them tightly in a net. In this way we can preserve them in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days, otherwise they can be preserved alive for 1-2 days. Mussels which are in airproof packing can be preserved in the refrigerator upto the date written in the packing.
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